RPF Demolition are a local Newcastle demolition specialist, who also offer demolition services throughout Australia. We have vast experience undertaking both small and large scale demolition projects.

RPF Demolition specialises in carrying out the removal of private and commercial structures including homes, units, garages and sheds. We always provide our clients with the best possible outcomes while adhering to the appropriate industry, safety, government and environmental standards.

We understand that every demolition project is different, they each require considerable planning before commencement. RPF Demolition ensures that the project plan includes the safest and fastest way to demolish the site. We also take into careful consideration the local area, site plan, salvageable goods and disposal of contaminated materials.

RPF Demolition staff are all fully trained, qualified and accredited, therefore ensuring that we work to the highest safety standards on all of our sites. We place a high importance on environmental sustainability and each site is optimised to support this, including recycling salvageable materials to minimise landfill.

You can trust RPF Demolition, the Newcastle demolition specialists to safely and efficiently manage every aspect of the demolition process both locally and Australia-wide.

Shortland - Stage 1 [LOWRES]-94
Shortland - Stage 1 [LOWRES]-57
Shortland - Stage 1 [LOWRES]-68
Shortland - Stage 1 [LOWRES]-97

Our Services Include

  • A free written quotation to match
    your scope of works
  • Demolition permit application
  • Building and infrastructure demolition
  • An allowance for salvageable materials
    to maximise recycling
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Site clearing